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China National Holiday Outbound Tour Prices Up


China's outbound tourism is expected to peak again in October. The country cancelled the May Day Golden week this year. So, many people postponed overseas travel plans until the National Day Holiday.

It's still a few weeks before the National Day Holiday kicks off but travel agencies in China are already busy. Tour operators say prices for most travel packages are already posted. And average trip prices to Europe have surged around 1,000 yuan per person this season. Some 10-day trips to the UK are having gone up even more -- averaging 2,000 yuan per person higher than last year.

Travel agencies say tours to Europe and warm-weather islands are the most popular choices for overseas travel. Cancellation of the May Day Golden Week this year places high demand on bookings for the week long National Day Holiday starting from October the first.

Travel agencies say, visa applications to Europe usually take 3 weeks. Agents suggest traveler’s book trips well in advance. Starting September 15th, Chinese tourists can also travel to Israel. Most of the packages to Israel are 8 or 10 days. Prices are between 16,000 yuan and 23,000 yuan per person.

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